How to purchase

Here you will find the most important information about how to place an order at

1. per telephone: 
   Call us at 0049 9352/60 43 86 - 0, and place your order (not available for new customers).

2. per fax:
    fax us your order 0049 93 52/60 43 86 - 20.

(Click here to get our fax PO form)

3. directly on our online store:

Choose your products:
If you have found products in our magnet shop, that you would like to order, you can simply put them in the shopping cart by pressing the "in the shopping cart" button.
You are now in the shopping cart where you can see the selected items.
If you like to continue shopping simply choose another category listed on the left hand side.

Shopping Cart:
To get into the shopping cart just use the link "shopping cart" on the top right .
You will be directed into your shopping cart where you can see the item you have selected.

Check out:
In order to check out, simply click on the button “Check out” showing in your shopping cart.
Listed below you will see the following selection:

New Customer:
If you are a new customer please use the "I am a new customer" button, 
and proceed with "next". 
Please enter your personal information and click "next".
You will automatically return to your shopping cart. 
With a click on the     button "Check out" you will proceed.

Simply log yourself into your account by entering your e-mail address and password.
You will automatically return to your shopping cart. With a click on the button "Check out" you will proceed.

Delivery options:
Here you can specify the shipping address and select the delivery method. 
Should you choose the “Order Pick-up” option, please contact us to arrange an appointment. By clicking “next” you will be directed to the Payment options.

Payment options:
Now you can change the billing address and choose a payment method.
You have the choice between the following options:

For deliveries within Germany:

1. Pre-payment via
    • Money Transfer
    • Credit Card
    •  PayPal
    • Invoice (for companies, museums, government agencies, universities, 
       and regular customers)
4.Delivery on account (Invoice at delivery)
5.Cash on Pick-up

For deliveries for orders from abroad:

1. Pre-payment via
    • Money Transfer
    • Credit Card
    •  PayPal
2.Cash on Pick-up

Please follow the link on the PayPal confirmation page back to our shop, 
otherwise your order will not be accepted.
If you want to make a comment about your order, you have the chance to do so under the section payment methods.  
Please read all terms and conditions carefully and confirm them. 
Also, the acceptance of the instructions for our magnets is needed. 
Now it continues with a click on "next" to the order confirmation.

Order Confirmation:
Here, again you will see all your entries made before. 
Please check these carefully to make sure everything is in order.
Should something be wrong, you can make changes by clicking on the "edit" button.
If everything is ok click on "Order".

If you have confirmed your order, the confirmation page will appear.
Only at this point your order will be posted to our system!
There you will have the option to print our your order.
For further inquiries, please always specify your order with the Order or Transaction number shown on your print out.
If any problems should occur during the ordering process please feel free to contact us at any time.

After posting your Order:
You will receive an e-mail with the order confirmation.
By Prepayment Orders our Bank information will be included in the e-mail.