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Enough for an area of 1 m²   In this way your magnets will stick on every wall. This is... more
Product information
Enough for an area of 1 m²
In this way your magnets will stick on every wall. This is due to the mixture of this colour: there are fine, non-rusting iron particles that gives to this iron colour the right surface for any magnet.
The secret of the water-soluble latex paint is that it is blended with the finest stainless iron particles. It is to bring like any other painting simply by brush or roller to the wall.
A 500 ml can is sufficient for simple paint for about 2,5m². You can use it already after 4 hours. We suggest 3 layers of paint on a wall to have a proper surface for any kind of magnet.
The rustproof paint is safe to use even for children and can be covered with any other colour or with a thin wallpaper without losing their attraction.
Since the paint itself is not magnetic, of course, there are no magnetic radiation or magnetic field.
0.5 liter is sufficient for an area of 1 m²
1.0 liter is sufficient for an area of 2 m²
2.5 liter is sufficient for a surface of 5 m²
5.0 liters is sufficient for an area of 10 m²
Use at least 0.5 liter magnetic paint per m². A lower concentration results in a weakening of magnetic force.
Magnetic Paint is dry after 4 hours*. A second and third layer can be applied after this time. The drying time is of 4 hours each. Wait 24 hours before applying another colour or wallpaper.
* Low temperatures and high humidity affect the drying process.
Magnetic paint is grey after drying and has a lightweight structure. A cover layer is not necessary if the gray color tone is one of your favourites. In order to obtain a smoother surface, the treated surface can be easily polished. Magnetic Paint can be coated with paint in the desired color. Recommended is a latex paint or acrylic lacquer, because they have a harder surface. Because of the dark hue is the applying of two cover layers recommended. If you want to add paper to the treated area, we recommend creating a small test area to check if the magnetic effect is sufficient. Always use only very thin wallpaper.
If you are using the magnetic paint at school or for children, you can use a blackboard colour that can be written as a normal blackboard after. That makes a lot of fun and encourages children's creativity.
For a later removal of the magnetic paint, the color must be mounted onto removable wallpaper.
Keep container dry and tightly closed. Avoid heating over 35 ° C and under 5 ° C. Protect from direct sunlight. Reseal opened containers firmly in order to prevent higher moisture of the paint itself. Original sealed cans have a minimum storage capability of 24 months.
All tools should be cleaned immediately after use with warm soapy water. Splashes and stains with a damp cloth to remove before they dry. Recycle completely emptied containers only.
Form: liquid
Colour tone after drying: similar RAL7024 Graphite gray
Odour moderate
Density 2.5 g / cm3
Min. processing temp. 5 ° C
Consumption approximately 0.5 l / m2
Drying time about 4 hours

Technical specifications

weight1,6 kg

  • The product conforms to the European RoHS Community legislation

    The product conforms to the European RoHS Community legislation The product conforms to the European RoHS Community legislation (2002/95/EG - RoHS - Restriction of Hazardous Substances) relating to the use and the employment of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic devices.
    No subject to registration under the REACH Regulation.

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