Zubits® S, magnetic shoe binders for children and seniors, pink

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Magnetic shoe ties from Zubits® in size S. This size is suitable for children aged 5 to 8... more
Product information
Magnetic shoe ties from Zubits® in size S.
This size is suitable for children aged 5 to 8 and seniors with loose shoes for walking.

Save time tying shoes every day.
Once tied, you will never stumble over open shoelaces or have to untie annoying knots.
Secure hold of the shoes with magnetic shoe fasteners.

Advantages of magnetic shoe ties:

  • Huge opening
    - with open Zubits it feels like the laces have disappeared from three eyelets.
    This allows you to open your shoes wide to slide in quickly and easily.
    Never squeeze again!
  • Fast Magnetic Closure
    - Just pull the magnets together and they'll close on their own.
  • No more loops, open shoelaces, double knots or undoing knots.
  • Take off your shoes hands-free
    - With the Zubits fasteners, taking your shoes off is easy, simple and gentle.
    If you pull your feet out, the magnets open and leave your shoes wide open until you use them again.
  • No open shoelaces
    - with the Zubits fasteners, you do without double knots and open shoelaces, with which you stumble or get stuck in the bicycle chain.
  • Well-groomed look
    - Zubits make your shoes more beautiful.
    Keep your shoelaces, forget about annoying bows.
    Manufacturers never show their shoes with a bow because it is simply more beautiful.
    Zubits give you this clean look.
  • Wear and tear, what is it?
    - You can change your shoes, but the Zubits stay true to you.
    Elastic closures often wear out too early.
  • Attach your shoes wherever you want
    - thanks to the strong magnets, you can bring your shoes to unexpected places.
    Of course, you can also attach them to each other and stow them in the closet as usual.
  • Wear shoes like slippers
    - whether at your desk, at home or on the plane
    - open the magnets and make space for your feet.
    Your shoes turn into cozy slippers.
A Zubits® package contains two magnetic locking systems, suitable for a pair of shoes.
- Not suitable for children under 3 years! Suffocation hazard!
- Due to the extremely strong magnetic field, Zubit's magnets can be dangerous for many devices and utensils.
TVs, hard drives, debit cards and video cassettes are particularly susceptible to strong magnetic fields.
Pacemakers and other medical devices could also be affected - if in doubt, you should exercise extreme caution! - Zubits contain a strong magnet and if handled carelessly, fingers and other limbs can be crushed.

Technical specifications

weight0,045 kg
total height H7 mm
total length L46 mm
total width B23 mm

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