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The online shop for strong neodymium magnets

We have the strongest magnets in the world!

Because of the up to 50% higher energy product are our permanent magnets not to compare to conventional magnets! We offer you, besides our low prices, constantly a large selection of magnets in different sizes and shapes, If you don't finde the magnet you need we are pleased to make you an individual quotation. Our large inventory and the daily shipment ensure that we can also deliver larger quantities quickly and flexibly!

Buy our magnets and realize your ideas.

Products as our Magnetic sheets, Discmagnets or Magnetic systems are suitable for every purpose. In professional fields, such as workshops or in the industry, sensor technologies as well as for modeling or DIY. In our webshop you have the choice over five million Magnets - available in large quantities on stock. As a public organisation or company you can order with invoice. Contact us! We answer your questions per telephone, fax or E-mail.


The magnet was used at a very early stage in China and Greece for orientation purposes. Now-a-days it is likewise to orientate in a different areas with the help of magnetic strength ? for example in form of a compass. However, its important features were only examined thoroughly in the 17th Century. The highest concentration appears on the Pole! If you separate it into two pieces, you would have two magnets with also one South Pole and one North Pole. As the Earth's magnetic field, which allows the orientation of the compass, has a north pole and a south pole.

The diversity of the magnets

The magnetic force is not only restricted to iron-objects . The best known metals except for iron are cobalt and nickel. The qualities are less pronounced and become first with a strong field visible. Magnets can be used in different areas. In our online-shop you will find a large selection of different products which can be used variously.
Neodymium-magnets, Ferrite-magnets or magnetic sheets - our shop offers the right magnets for your needs.