About magnets4you

We are so proud to announce that starting from April 2013 you can find us in our new offices in the Bgm-Dr.-Nebel-Str. 15a, 97816 Lohr am Main, Germany.  
With more than 1000m² stock and storage surface and 150m² offices we are able to help you with more magnetic products and are available Mon-Fr from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm!



magnets4you GmbH - Company history


The company moved to our brand new headquarters. The new building has more than 1000m² stock and storage facilities and new offices on a surface of 150m².


December 2012

Con la pagina web www.aimant-boutique.fr é online la versione francese del nostro online-shop. Questo é il quarto online-shop della nostra azienda e con questo copriamo la parta del mercato dei paesi francofoni.


November 2012

The order processing service and customer service count 8 employees.


January 2012

Our team grow bigger and we added 20m² for our offices.


April 2011

A new surface of 50m² was added to our stock and storage.


December 2010

We got additional 21m² surface for our customer service.


August 2009

Our brand "magnets4you" was official recorded at German Patent and Trademark Office. 

After the increasing requests from Italy we started to offer our services in Italian on our third online shop: www.calamite.org.


March 2009

Increase of our stock and storage surface of 20m². Starting from this moment we sell exclusively on our online shops. 


February 2009

Our first social-media presence with our "Magnet-Blog": www.magnet.shop.net/blog.


August 2008

The company "magnets4you GmbH" moves to our new headquarters in Schafhofweg 16 in 97816 Lohr am Main, because of our fast growth. Our stock is about 70m² and our offices about 40m².


May 2008

The first online shop in another language was put online: www.magnet-shop.com.


March 2008

Change of our corporate name and corporate state into "magnets4you GmbH"


June 2006

Our own website and online shop is first online www.magnet-shop.net


January 2005

Our first company "magnets4you e.K." was established. Our products were available exclusively on the eBay plattform