Process of an order

How to order at

1. by phone: Simply call us at +49 93 52 / 60 43 86 - 0 and place your order (not possible for new customers).
2. by fax: You can also fax us your order to +49 93 52 / 60 43 86 - 20.
(here you can find the fax order form to print out).
3. via our online shop:

Select product:
If you have found an item in our magnet shop that you would like to buy, you can add the item to your shopping cart by pressing the "buy now" button.
You are now viewing the shopping cart and see the items you have selected.
If you want to continue shopping, simply select a category on the left side.

Shopping cart:
To get to the shopping cart, use the button at the top right "Shopping cart".
You have reached the shopping cart and see the listed items of your choice.

Finalize the order:
To finish shopping, click on "Checkout" in the shopping cart.
A selection appears:

New customer:
If you are a new customer, please click on "continue" under "I am a new customer". Then please enter your personal data and click on "continue".  
You will then automatically return to your shopping cart and can continue shopping by clicking on the "Checkout" button.

Simply log in here with your e-mail address and password. You will then automatically return to your shopping cart and can continue shopping by clicking on the "Checkout" button.

Shipping options:
Here you can specify the shipping address and select the shipping method. If you choose to pick it up yourself, please contact us by telephone to set the pick-up date. With a click on "continue" you get to the payment options.

Payment method:
Now you can change the billing address and select a payment method.
You have the choice between the following options:

For deliveries within Germany:    
1. Prepayment per
•    Bank Transfer
•    Credit card
•    PayPal
•    Invoice (for companies, museums, authorities, universities, and regular customers)
•    Instant bank transfer

2.  Delivery on invoice
3.  Cash payment on pickup

For deliveries abroad:
1. Prepayment per
•    Bank Transfer
•    Credit card
•    PayPal
•    Instant bank transfer
2.  Cash payment on pickup

Please follow the link on the PayPal confirmation page back to our shop, otherwise your order will not be accepted.
If you would like to make a comment about your order, you can do so by selecting the payment method.
Please read the terms and conditions carefully and then confirm them. It is also necessary to accept the instructions for our magnets. Proceed with the order confirmation by clicking on "continue".

Order Confirmation:
All your entries are listed here once again. Please check them carefully to make sure everything is correct.
If something is not correct, you can make changes by clicking on "edit".
Everything is OK? Click “BUY“.

Once you have confirmed your order, a confirmation page follows. 
Only here is your order created in our system!
There you can print out your order. 
If you have any questions, please always include the order number. You can find this on the printout.
Are you encountering any problems with your ordering process? Please contact us.

After the order:
You will receive an email from us with your order. If you pay in advance, you will also find our account details in the email.