The company Magnets4you GmbH is sponsoring many teams in its region

As a regional company we always wanted to sponsor and support regional teams and sport groups in the area and the company understands the great value for free time activities and leisure. In the last period we started sponsoring teams from other regions too. 


s.Oliver-Baskets Würzburg     Website

Since 2012 we are the main sponsor of the basketball team of the city of Wurzburg. In the S.Oliver Arena you find banners and advertising on the sideline.

Medi Bayreuth

Medi Bayreuth Basketball     Website

2015 Junior-Business partner sponsoring the team uniforms.


rent4office Nürnberg Basketball     Website

Business partner since 2013. Our logo is on the playing field as well as on the sideline.

Würzburger Kicketrs

FWK Würzburger Kickers    Website

Since 2015 premium-sponsor for this formidable team of the city of Würzburg through advertising on the sideline in the Flyeralarm-Arena.

 Würzburger Kicketrs


Pfister Racing - Tourenwagen-Europameisterschaft    Website

Partners since 2015, our advertising on cars and trucks.

SV DJK Wombach e.V.

SV DJK Wombach e.V. Fussball     Website

We are supporting this team since many years with commercials on the sideline.

Mannschaft der SV DJK Wombach For the anniversary (50 years DJK Wombach) we supported the theam with new uniforms for the category "gentlemen".
SV 1931 Steinfeld

SV Steinfeld 1931 Fussball     Website

Since 2014 our tape sideline supports the football team.

Banner bei der DJK Karbach - Abteilung Tennis

DJK Karbach - Tennis    Website

Starting in 2013 we are sponsorin the tennis team of Karbach with a commercial tape (12 x 2 m) on the playing field.

SV rodenbach

SV Rodenbach 1950     Website

In 2014 we sponsored the uniforms of the coaches of the football team of Rodenbach.

Lohrer Handballer

Lohrer Handballer     Website

Since 2013 sponsor in the seasonal magazine of the handball team of the city of Lohr am Main.