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Magnetic holder / magnetic installation for smoke detectors

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No drilling - no dowels - no dirt   The clever way to hold the smoke detector on the... more
Product information
No drilling - no dowels - no dirt
The clever way to hold the smoke detector on the ceiling without dust and dirt and without the risk of damaging power cables when drilling holes.
The set for all common smoke detector models contains two round, self-adhesive metal discs, one for fixing to the ceiling, the other with two magnets for attachment to the smoke detector.
If both parts adhere firmly to their surface, the smoke detector can be easily removed.
Depending on the surface, the adhesive can withstand a load of 10 to 50 kilograms.
Technical data of the magnetic mounting for smoke detectors:
Ceiling element - round 70 × 0.5 mm made of galvanized steel. Coated on one side with a solvent-free acrylic foam, film thickness 1.1 mm (1100 µ), for attachment to the ceiling.
Base element - round plate 70 × 0.5 mm made of galvanized steel, to which two magnets are additionally attached. Coated on one side with a solvent-free acrylic foam, film thickness 1.1 mm (1100 µ), for attachment to the smoke detector.
* secure attachment without tools and without dirt
* Assembly in less than 5 minutes
* no risk of damaging power or other cables
* secure hold even on suspended ceilings
* Significant simplification of battery changes and functional tests
* Can be painted over
Here you can find the assembly instructions downloaden.
Information about the adhesive:
The adhesive we use is actually a specialty.
Normal double-sided adhesive tape is completely ruled out for the present application because the secure hold on the often rough ceiling surfaces cannot always be guaranteed.
Conventional foam tapes, which are often sold under the name mirror tape, also appears unsuitable for us. Most of the time, their structure is as follows: an adhesive layer of approx. 50-70 µ thickness (usually an acrylate), then a foam as a carrier material of 900 µ (usually a PE foam that does not stick) and then another adhesive layer approx. 50-70 µ.
As a result, only a thin layer of adhesive is available for the actual fixing. The foam can compensate for certain unevenness in the surface of the ceiling and thus improve the adhesive performance of foam adhesive tapes; at the same time, however, every foam also has restoring forces. This has the consequence that the actual adhesive layer, which had initially penetrated into depressions in the surface, is pulled out again.
Advantages of our adhesive:
We, on the other hand, use a 1100 µ thick acrylic foam, which acts as a full adhesive. I.e. the entire acrylic foam connects to the ceiling, especially on rough and uneven surfaces. And because there is no backing material, there are no restoring forces that weaken the connection: if it sticks, it will hold. Another advantage of the acrylic foam we use is its high temperature resistance. This is 160 ° to 170 °, in contrast to 65 ° to 75 ° with conventional foam adhesive tapes.
And finally, the acrylic foam we use is completely free of solvents. That has two consequences. On the one hand, we prevent any solvents from penetrating the ceiling surface and possibly dissolving the paint or plaster, which could result in a reduction in the adhesive performance.
Second, and more importantly, the adhesive is completely harmless to health.

Technical specifications

total diameter D70,0 mm
weight0,062 kg

  • The product conforms to the European RoHS Community legislation

    The product conforms to the European RoHS Community legislation The product conforms to the European RoHS Community legislation (2002/95/EG - RoHS - Restriction of Hazardous Substances) relating to the use and the employment of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic devices.
    No subject to registration under the REACH Regulation.
  • Determination of the magnetic force

    The adhesive force of our magnets is determined at room temperature on a polished plate made of steel S235JR (ST37) with a thickness of 10 mm by the vertical withdrawal of the magnet (1kg ~ 10 N). A different value down to -10% compared to the specified value is possible in exceptional cases. In general, the value is exceeded. Please note that for thinner, painted and not absolute plan undergrounds the adhesive force represents only one raction of the specified values.

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9 Feb 2021

Schnell und korrekt geliefert. Auch für andere Zwecke gut einsetzbar. Gut mit der Blechschere zu bearbeiten.

22 Aug 2018

Ersatzmagnete bestehender Rauchmelder -funktioniert sehr gut; hatte in den Letzten Jahren der Rauchmelderpflicht und nach Anbringen der Magnete noch nie ein Problem

25 Feb 2017

Sehr gute Haftung. Auch sogar auf Styropor!

1 Feb 2017

Alles Prima .. ich bin zufrieden

28 Nov 2016

Sehr gute Montageanleitung. Super schnell

18 Jul 2016

Sehr nützliches Produkt. Hatte solche Befestigungsscheiben schon vor etlichen Jahren in meiner letzten Wohnung angebracht. Kann ich mit bestem Gewissen empfehlen.

25 Jun 2016

Alles Bestens - Super o.K. - Weiterempfehlung für andere Kunden !

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