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Magnetic Paint Dupli-Color gray

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  • MFDC-2500
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  • Dupli Color
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DUPLI-COLOR Magnetic Paint is a water-based interior paint. The paint contains iron pigments... more
Product information
DUPLI-COLOR Magnetic Paint is a water-based interior paint.
The paint contains iron pigments that allow magnets to adhere to the paint.

This results in a wide range of applications in kindergartens, schools, offices, children's rooms, etc.

If the paint is applied in sufficiently thick layers, the paint can be painted over with any dispersion varnish or even covered over with thin wallpaper - the attraction for magnets is retained.

Always read and follow the instructions carefully before use!

Substrate preparation:
  • The surface should be as smooth as possible and absolutely dry.
  • Carefully mask off areas that you want to protect against paint splashes or that you do not want to paint.
  • Completely remove non-adherent wallpaper
  • Extremely absorbent substrates should be pretreated with a dispersion primer.
  • Briefly sand smooth, painted surfaces (e.g. doors) beforehand.
Please note:
  • Magnetic Paint is not suitable for outdoor use
  • Please do not use in areas that are exposed to moisture
  • Always stir the paint sufficiently before use so that the metal pigments are evenly distributed.
  • The paint should not be mixed with any other paint or with water.
  • Soak the short hair roller carefully, as you are used to from other emulsion paints, and apply the first layer.
  • Let the first layer dry for 3-4 hours.
  • Then apply the second layer of magnetic paint. At 100 µm (2-3 layers) the magnetic effect is sufficient for common household magnets.
    For an increased magnetic effect, the surface can also be painted several times if desired, or use our super magnets.
  • As soon as the paint is dry to the touch (at least 6 hours), the magnetic paint can be painted over with an emulsion paint in any color or pasted over with thin wallpaper.

  • High-quality, iron-containing acrylate dispersion
  • Water based
  • Excellent adhesion and coverage
  • For indoor applications
  • Can even be used on curved surfaces
  • Can be painted over with emulsion paint
  • Wallpapering with a light wallpaper is possible


  • Binder base: acrylate dispersion / hybrid system (acrylate / alkyd)
  • Color: light gray
  • Odor: neutral
  • Degree of gloss: at a 60 ° measuring angle according to DIN 67530
    Mat: GE not measurable because of the structured surface
  • Productivity: Depending on the layer thickness, 1 liter is sufficient for approx. 2 - 3 m² (2 layers)
  • Drying (at 20 ° C, 65% relative humidity):
    Thumb dry with a wet layer thickness of 100 µm after 2 - 3 hours
    Touch-proof after approx. 3 hours
    Can be painted over with itself after at least 3-4 hours
    Can be painted over with emulsion paint after a drying time of at least 6 hours
    The drying time depends on the ambient temperature, the humidity and the thickness of the layer applied.
  • Optimal processing temperature: room temperature 15 - 25 ° C
  • Cleaning of tools: with water
  • Shelf life / storage: 1 year with appropriate storage (= 10 ° -25 ° C, relative humidity of max. 60%) in the closed original container.
  • Store frost-free!
  • Container / content: metal cans 0.5 liters - 1.0 liters - 2.5 liters


Please only recycle completely empty containers. Dispose of
containers and remnants at hazardous or special waste collection points.

Technical specifications

weight1,300 kg

  • The product conforms to the European RoHS Community legislation

    The product conforms to the European RoHS Community legislation The product conforms to the European RoHS Community legislation (2002/95/EG - RoHS - Restriction of Hazardous Substances) relating to the use and the employment of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic devices.
    No subject to registration under the REACH Regulation.

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9 Feb 2021

Funktioniert wunderbar...

19 Feb 2018

Ich habe die Magnetfarbe auf eine Multiplexplatte in vier Schichten aufgetragen und mit farbiger Dispersionsfarbe überstrichen. Ich verwende extra starke Magnete. Die Farbe ließ sich sehr gut verarbeiten und das Ergebnis ist sauber und ebenmäßig.

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